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Cities in Romania – Top 10 most charming Romanian cities

The cities in Romania are so different from each other. Furthermore, there is such a variety of styles and cultures reflecting on the beauty of each Romanian city. From a medieval approach to futuristic corners, in Romania there’s a place for everything. However, before deciding on the destination of your Romanian city break, check our top 10 most charming cities in Romania to unleash some mesmerising places to visit.

1. Brasov

Brasov earns the 1st place in our top considering its uniqueness. A mash-up of medieval style charms and a modern city life brings Brasov such an enchanting popularity among tourists. Moreover, this city is not only beautiful, but also lots of history surrounds its territory.

During your stay in Brasov, besides your daily walks, you can also catch a glimpse of the very close by tourists attractions. For instance, you can unfold Dracula’s mysteries by visiting the infamous Bran Castle.

2. Bucharest

The capital of Romania. Bucharest is such a beautiful city waiting to be discovered by you. Moreover, surrounded by a twisted history and once called “The Little Paris” – it will bring you elegance and style. Discover its wanders and visit the home of the world’s heaviest building. However, this European capital is ready to provide anything expected from a tourist. From beautiful street art to stunning architecture, Bucharest is the “it” place to visit in Romania.

3. Sighisoara

Sighisoara is located right at the heart of Romania. This city is considered to be one of the most charming places on our list due to its unique coloured buildings. However, Sighisoara is not only a beautiful medieval city but it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, the chromatic palette from this city vibrates pastels and also radiant colours such as yellow, blue or red. This city survived the passing of time and remained intact. Therefore, its style still reminds you of that 14th century architecture style. Totally worths a visit!

4. Sinaia

Sinaia comes on the 4th place in our top. A magical mountain resort that stands out for its natural style. Moreover, home to the fascinating Peles Castle, Sinaia is one of Romania’s main attractions. Furthermore, Sinaia is the place where active people – and not only them – can spend unforgettable moments. Visit Sinaia to uncover a great series of adventures and magical moments. If you’re very active yourself, you won’t regret your choice.

5. Cluj-Napoca

The beautiful Cluj-Napoca is a vibrant university city where you can enjoy galleries, gardens, bars and cafes. Home to various tourist attractions, visiting this city might be the perfect occasion to reinvent your next getaway.

Surrounded by mysteries and legends, Cluj is the unofficial capital of Transylvania. You can discover castles, fortresses, botanical gardens, museums and parks. In the same time, you can experience the beauty of living among Romanians. After all, it is said that Transylvania is the place in Romania where you can for sure find joy and peace.

6. Sibiu

Sibiu is the city for a trip set in time – you’d feel as if you are back in the 15th century. How’s it like? Beautiful and peaceful, enlightened by the great culture of its people. Moreover, Sibiu is a medieval city set apart by its beautiful architecture. Here, not only you can wander on the narrow streets for amazing views, but also you can visit many attractions based nearby. Moreover, if you are a street art fan you should know that Sibiu has the most street paintings and murals in Romania.

7. Iasi

Iasi is one of the oldest Romanian cities. It’s also the most significant political, economic and cultural centre of Moldova. Also, it’s considered to be one of the most charming cities in Romania. Iasi is not only structured nicely, but it also offers its tourists many beautiful things to try or to visit. For instance, here you can visit The Palace of Culture. This is a museum complex that is now considered a masterpiece of the 20th century and an iconic building in Romania. In the end, this experience in Romania might as well be something that will stay with you for a long time.

8. Constanta

Constanta is such vibrant city mixing colonial history with modern architecture. This city embraces visitors with its arms wide open, enchanting them with plenty of elegance and unexpected locations by the Black sea.   Moreover, considering its geographical placement, Constanta might be just the right fit for you if you would like to discover the seaside experience in Romania.


Timisoara has a  rich heritage, a thriving cultural scene, colourful terraces and cafés, and large community of students. However, this city can bring joy to mostly anyone considering its electrifying past and amazing architecture. It’s worth visiting if you’re looking for a more quiet city experience and to enjoy walks in the heart of the city.

10. Suceava

Suceava, once the capital of Moldova, is now home to some of the most beautiful monasteries in Romania. Furthermore, this is a city loaded with history and culture, waiting for you to discover its secrets. Travel to this amazing city to discover fortresses, museums and again, some fascinating monasteries.

All things considered, Romania really is home to some mesmerising cities. In the end, you shall find the one that suits your expectations the most and visit it. Travel and make unforgettable memories. Moreover, reinvent your next getaway with us. Discover the Romanian experience and take your city break to the next level.

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