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Is Romania safe to travel in 2020? Explore the world safely

Is Romania safe to travel in 2020? Might be your first question before choosing this country as your next getaway. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, travelling seems risky, but done right following some safety measurements, you should be just fine. Although many restrictions are still in place, people are feeling the need to see something other than a screen. Restaurants and hotels are opening for locals and travellers, therefore the need to ravel and stretch your legs is getting higher:

Continue reading to discover how is this pandemic affecting your visit in Romania and how can you safely explore the world.

Following the right safety measurements is crucial

Before heading to Romania you should consider taking some safety measurements in order to prevent any case of infection.

Wear a mask!

Firstly, wearing a mask while entering any shopping centers and stores, mostly in every indoor space is extremely important. During your visit in this beautiful country you should wear your mask for protection and moreover keep the right distance between you and other people.

Disinfecting and washing your hands

However, Romanians have prepared disinfecting spaces mostly everywhere, therefore you should use them as much as you can. During these hard times, disinfecting and washing your hands is very important. Moreover, you should avoid touching your face as much as you can.

Avoid crowded places

Another important safety measure during travelling is avoiding crowded spaces. You can easily enjoy an amazing city break in Romania without getting in touch with many and avoiding clubs and bars that are usually full.

Try paying by card

The last measure we are recommending you while travelling in Romania in 2020 is using a card for most of the payments. Therefore, you can stay safe and make sure you didn’t have physical contact with the person that held the money earlier.

How are Romanians dealing with the pandemic?

At the moment, mostly every bar or restaurant in Romania closes at 11pm. However, depending on the city you are heading to, clubs can stay open only until midnight. The only restaurants and terraces that are open, are also the ones outdoors. However, the shopping centres and museums for instance, are still open even if they are located indoors, but wearing a mask is necessary.

The Covid-19 cases in Romania are raising for now, therefore people are very cautious. Moreover, Romanians are demonstrating their wish for everything to get back to normal by always respecting the safety measures. For instance, waiters are always wearing gloves and masks. Tables are always disinfected before the next clients and the access to pools is very limited. Moreover, social distancing in Romania is considered highly important at the moment.

In the end, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about travelling in Romania in 2020.

Are the hotels open in Romania?

Yes, the hotels are open in Romania and they are safe. Every room is disinfected before the next client checks in. Moreover, there has to pass a time of 24 hours after the last client checked out of the room before the next one comes. Even if every hotel is promising safety, we advise you to travel with your own cleaning supplies or wipes that contain an EPA-approved disinfectant. You should use them to clean high-touch surfaces, such as door knobs, light switches or remote controls.

Should you avoid flying to Romania?

No, you shouldn’t avoid travelling by plane considering that the risk of infection is low. Cabin air is circulated vertically, from ceiling to floor and refreshed every two to three minutes. Between flights, airplane cabins are scrubbed down with anti-microbial disinfectants.

Should you cancel your vacation to Romania?

You shouldn’t cancel your vacation, because as long as you are cautious everything should be just fine. Respect social-distancing and always keep a bit of your guard up. Avoid crowded and indoor places and enjoy a beautiful getaway. Visit Romania and enjoy its wonders.

All things considered, is Romania safe to travel? Yes, it is considering how the Covid-19 measures are respected here. You can still unleash a great adventure in this beautiful region. Also, you can have a nature friendly experience and try hiking in the Romanian mountains so that you can avoid getting in contact with others. You can still enjoy your journey free, all you have to do is to be just a little careful. Stay safe and don’t give travelling up. Spend a wonderful time in Romania and reinvent your next getaway!

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