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Photos in Romania | 12 photos you’ll want to take in Romania

Photos in Romania – Who wouldn’t want to keep their memories from such an amazing country? Full of medieval and also new era spots, Romania actually is a place that can provide you with some high quality Instagram shots. Considering how important social media became nowadays, you can make any account shine with the stunning pictures you can take in Romania. Therefore, continue reading to unleash some of the best spots to take pictures in this magical country.

1. Transfagarasan Road

The Transfagarasan Road is one of the best roads in the whole world. Besides an amazing driving experience, the shots you can take during your time on the road are marvellous. Not only you can see the Fagaras Mountains, but the road also ends in Cartisoara which is one of the must see cities in Romania. Moreover, even if the road was finalised in 1974, it is still open to this date from July to November.

2. Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love is a magical and romantic place in Romania. Also, it is an abandoned railway section within a secluded forest in Romania. This is such a special spot. However, it is still a “secret” among many people. Be one of the not so many people that had the chance to pose here.

3. The Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is considered to be one of the most beautiful and well-preserved places in Europe. With more than 300 species of birds and 160 species of fish, the Danube Delta is a heaven for wildlife lovers. Visit this fascinating spot and take some amazing photos in Romania.

4. Old Town, Bucharest

The Old Town in Bucharest is packed with a variety of bars and restaurants. Moreover, the narrow streets that surround it were once the commercial streets of the city. During your visit in the Old Town you can enjoy stunning architecture, therefore you will have the chance to take some Instagrammable pictures. After all, how can you visit such a beautiful and historical place and not take at least one pic for the ‘gram?

5. The Palace of Culture

Expressing Romanticism at its finest, the Palace of Culture is one of the greatest landmarks of Romania. Rich in fantasy inspired ornaments and architecture, this palace is one of the best places you will want to take a picture in.

6. The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Gardens in Bucharest are one of the beautiful symbols of Japan in Romania. Representing a complex view about the world and life, the Japanese Garden has not only a cultural past but is also such a mesmerising tourist attraction. Visit this place and discover its true natural beauty and take some stunning shots.

7. Carturesti Carusel

The Carturesti Carusel is one of the most beautiful book stores in Romania. Decorated with white furniture and colourful books, this shop makes any picture so dreamy. Visit this place and share magical and elegant pictures on your social feeds. For sure, this is a must visit book store during your visit in Romania.

The Cec Palace in Bucharest is a Romanian landmark of architecture and history. It has earned its distinct importance both for its architecture and beauty and for the role it currently has. Take a picture in front of one of the reference buildings of the capital. Also, why not ‘decorate’ your feed with this enchanting background?

9. St. Ana Lake

The St. Ana Lake is the only volcanic lake in central Europe. Take a picture with this unique landscape. Furthermore, the vast forests surrounding it, not only improve the air‘s purity but makes the landscape enchanting any time. Take your fantasy photo with this amazing place and impress anyone with the natural beauty of the scenery.

10. Bicaz Canyon

Famous for its narrow winding roads and spectacular views, the Bicaz Canyon offers an amazing experience in Romania. Unleash a marvellous encounter and take great pictures while doing it. Enjoy your time during this visit and leave with some gorgeous shots and memories.

11. Zetea Lake

Zetea Lake is a famous artificial lake in Romania. It was finished in 1992 and you can find it in the upper Tavarna Mare. With such beautiful flora, you can take great pictures while exploring it.

12. Mud Volcanoes

The Mud Volcanoes are situated in Buzau and are not the volcanoes you are probably expecting. They’re so special because you can only find 1,101 of these in the whole world. You can explore this hidden area and enjoy a unique experience. Moreover, you can take so many gorgeous pictures in this natural reservation.

All things considered, during your visit in Romania not only you can experience many magical encounters, but you can also take some very unique shots on your way. Make your getaway memorable and take advantage of the natural beauty of this country. Don’t forget to take these amazing photos in Romania and share them with us on Instagram – @glam.away .

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