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Places in Romania | The most colorful places in Romania

The following places in Romania are believed to be some of the most colourful spots that you’ll find. Besides the gothic churches, medieval castles and fantasy landscapes, you can discover some unique places that will take your breath away. Get your camera ready and let’s go.

The below list includes some of the most fascinating places that will make your day so much brighter. Think about hues of blue or green and let your day be filled by adventure.

Furthermore, during your city break in Romania you can unwind by visiting attractions that are staying ‘alive’ through their vibrant colours.


Sighisoara is a medieval town, located in Transylvania region. Did you know that its historic centre is protected by UNESCO thanks to its mesmerising architecture? The streets are lined up with colourful houses all the way. Therefore, a fantasy and mythic vibe can be felt by its tourists. The colours that will enchant you are pastels, mostly consisting in blue, yellow and red. The atmosphere in this town is surrounded by vibrant and beautiful colours that can easily enlighten one’s day.

The Merry Cemetery

You would expect a cemetery to be either scary or sad. However, the Merry Cemetery, in Sapanta is for sure one of the most colourful and vibrant places in Romania. Hand-carved and painted crosses are welcoming you since the very beginning of the cemetery. Moreover, the predominant chromatic palette is sky-blue. Therefore, since sky-blue is such a positive colour, this attraction will probably increase your level of happiness. Furthermore, this cemetery is celebrating life and not death with funny poems written on each grave. If you didn’t have a chance to laugh at death, this is your perfect occasion (as creepy as it might sound).

Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Home to beautiful beaches, wetland marshes and over 300 species of birds, the Danube Delta is also surrounded by some of the most vibrant colours. All natural and well hidden from the everyday stress, the Danube Delta is also considered such a colourful place. Due to its many species of animals, flowers and herbs, this place is now considered unique to Europe.

The Hotel of Ice

The Hotel of Ice is rebuilt every year using water from Balea Lake. This hotel has rooms and igloos, bars and restaurants and even a church where couples can get married and children baptised. This stunning hotel is coloured all in blue and white. Even if the chromatic palette is this simple, the colours are so beautiful that tourists are always amazed. Step into a land of Disney stories and make everything real by booking a night for yourself at the Hotel of Ice.

Umbrella Alley

In Pasajul Victoriei, Bucharest, you’ll find the beautiful Umbrella Alley. Enjoy wandering underneath the rainbow-coloured umbrellas and don’t forget to take an Instagram picture. Moreover, get a dose of energy from these vibrant colours. This is also a great place for talking a quiet walk, if you’re not a fan of posting on social media.


Carturesti Carusel

The Carturesti Carusel in Bucharest is one of the most beautiful bookstores in Romania. The building and furniture is all white, but the colourful backdrops of thousands of books in the background make the experience so much more unique.

All things considered, a drop of colour in your city break shall not only brighten your holiday but also make your experience so much more exciting. You can now visit all these beautiful places in Romania and enjoy the unique atmosphere they unleash. Reinvent your next getaway in Romania and don’t forget to “splash” a bit of colour into your journey photos.

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