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Romanian Cuisine | How to eat like a real Romanian

Romanian cuisine is absolutely delicious. Containing lots of flavours and spices. For sure one taste can take your Romanian city break experience to the next level. Considering its twisted history and influences, Romanian food has a little bit of everything. Therefore, the first taste might seem quite familiar, but afterwards you shall probably realise it’s nothing like you’ve ever tasted before. Moreover, the traditional Romanian restaurants also have a rustic ambiance. Therefore, the food and place are in a perfect balance, making your experience even more unique.

Continue reading to discover how would three traditional Romanian meals will look like – a day’s worth of food basically and how they shall complete your journey.

  • Cabbage Rolls
  • Mămăligă
  • Beef Tripe Soup
  • Beef Salad
  • Radauti Soup
  • Lamb Drob
  • Honoring the pig
  • Greaves with onions
  • Beans with hocks
  • Romanian meatballs

All of these are only some examples of the best dishes you can try in Romania. Now let’s have a look at your options for each course of the day.


During your stay in this beautiful country you should at least once try a Romanian breakfast. The Romanian cuisine not only will increase your happiness but it should also energise you and help you start a wonderful day.

Traditional breakfast plates usually look stunning, containing a little bit of everything. Your breakfast plate shall offer you not only hot but also cold dishes. One of the most important pieces is the eggs. Either fried, boiled or as an omelette, they have their special place in your plate.

Another important piece in your plate is cheese for sure. Romanians usually serve sheep cheese called Telemea. However, this cheese goes perfectly with the rest of the dishes.

Moreover, there is a slice of bread with Zacusca spread on it. Zacusca is a vegetarian spread based on open fire grilled eggplants and ball peppers, which is afterwards bottled in jars and stored for the winter.

You will also receive fresh vegetables that will put your breakfast into a perfect balance.


The lunch in Romania is considered the most important meal. Usually, after work or a hard morning, people tend to relax and enjoy a great lunch.

You should first try a soup such as the Rădăuțean Soup. Containing carrot, sour cream, garlic, eggs, onion, and peppers the Rădăuțean Soup’s main flavour and ‘character’ is the chicken.

After finishing your soup, we suggest you try cabbage rolls with sour cream and Mămăligă . The cabbage rolls are made of minced meat mixed with spices, rice, and onions, then rolled up in sour cabbage leaves. They go amazing with Mămăligă which is served plain with sour cream and Romanian cheese.

In the end, you can sweeten things up and enjoy some Papanasi. These are very similar to doughnuts –  they come covered in sour cream and jam. Delicious!

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To end your day in a grand manner you should have a nice, but not so heavy meal. Therefore, many Romanians take a shot of țuica, which is a Romanian drink, high in alcohol, before they start eating. This drink is great for digestion and is also one of the most known drinks in Romanian cuisine.

For dinner you can try almost everything from the menu, but we suggest trying a meat plate.Considering how appreciated meat is in the Romanian cuisine, we believe ordering such a plate will allow you taste multiple ways of preparing different types of meats. As a side dish, you can either have a Romanian salad such as tomato’s salad or even different types of cheese or vegetables.

However, if you decide such a plate is not your best choice you can try chicken and peas stew, which is one of the most known Romanian recipes. Simple but with a strong welcoming flavour, this dish will for sure amaze you.

As a dessert, if you are a chocolate person you can try Amandine. These are amazing chocolate layered cakes filled with chocolate with caramel and fondant cream.

All things considered, you should try eating like a Romanian for one full day to discover even a little of this beautiful cuisine. Discover more of this country and enjoy new flavours all the way. Reinvent your next getaway and let the Romanian experience make its way to your heart through your mouth.

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