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The Romanian legends behind some of the country’s top attractions

The Romanian legends behind most of the country’s top attractions are the proof behind the authenticity of Romania’s folklore. During your visit in Romania you will experience uniqueness at every step. However, one of the most important factor shall be the legends behind many tourist attractions. Your city break here should unleash beautiful myths and stories about fantastic adventures. After all, Romania’s customs are highly influenced by these glorious stories. You will find out that behind every beautiful place in Romania stands a greater story ready to be heard by the ones interested.

Reinvent your next getaway in Romania and learn more about this country’s myths and folklore.Continue reading to discover some of the greatest legends of Romania.

The Liar’s bridge

The Liar’s bridge home is the one and only Sibiu, a beautiful city in Transylvania. People say that if you ever tell a lie while crossing this bridge, the construction shall collapse with you on it. In the medieval ages of Romania merchants that fooled their costumers were thrown off the bridge. Moreover, a young lady that lied about their purity before the marriage had the same faith.

Cross the bridge and enjoy the uniqueness of Sibiu, but always remember to tell the truth.

The Garden of Dragons

The Garden of Dragons, Salaj is a mesmerising place to visit. The tale behind this tourist attraction says that long time ago, two dragons used to live there. They were feared by every villager because of their harsh way of living. The dragons used to take everything they wanted fro the locals, even the young girls.

One day, they decided to even steal the sun from the sky. A brave local had the courage to fight them and successfully returned the sun back to its place. He defeated the dragons and saved the girls. One of the ladies casted a spell and turned the dragons into stone while the brightness of the sun blinded them.

You can now visit the remains of these dragons and enjoy the Garden of Dragons in Salaj, Romania. 

God’s Bridge

The God’s bridge is located in Ponoarele, Romania. This natural bridge was formed when the ceiling of a cave collapsed. It is said that hundreds of years ago the Devil lived in this cave. The local villagers asked God to chase him away and to save the village from its evilness. Once God listened to their prayers, he collapsed the cave ceiling hitting it with His palm. The Devil ran away and found another place to hide. Since then, this natural bridge brought hope and harmony to the Ponoarele villagers.

The Muierilor’s Cave

Situated in Gorj, the Muierilor’s cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Romania. Some of the Romanian legends say that long time ago women used to hide there with their children while men went in battles. The place brought safety to the people and over the time, it became one of the most inspiring places in Romania. Moreover, even women nowadays go into this cave which is believed that can help them get pregnant.

You can visit this beautiful nature miracle and take your Romanian city break experience to the next level.

The Bran Castle

The Romanian legend behind the Bran Castle, Transylvania is the one and only legend of Dracula. The Romanian legend says that Vlad The Impaler, a long time ago voivode of Romania, was a night creature called vampire. Due to its cruelness and blood thirst a legend came to life portraying him as a vampire. Dominated by mystery, this legend was interpreted by Bra Stoker in his novel “Dracula”.

You can always visit the Bran Castle, which is the house of this well-known vampire count and enjoy the myths and stories hidden in its corridors.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx is located in Busteni, Romania. This natural rock formation is surrounded in mystery even today. Some of the Romanian legends say that ancient civilisations sculpted it to represent a figure of one of their gods. However, other legends involve even aliens. Moreover, one theory about the Sphinx would be that the sculpture sits on top of an energy guard field or a library.

These legends have gone so far that the CIA and the Romanian Secret Forces are trying to reach the treasures the rock allegedly guards.

All things considered, visiting Romania shall be a completely unique experience surrounded by myths and legends. Moreover, catch a glimpse of Romania’s top attractions and the oldest stories behind them. Release yourself from the daily stress and take a step into this magical world full of folklore and traditions. Learn a few things about this beautiful country and take your city break to the next step. After all, everyone needs a little fantasy in their life.

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