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Travel Apps | A glimpse of our favourite travel apps

Travel apps can make your holiday so much more easier. Therefore, you can find the best places to eat, GPS routes, you can check the weather or edit your journey pics like no other. All things considered, travel apps might release you from many experiences that cause stress. Reinvent your next getaway and take advantage of the best travel apps. Continue reading to take a peek at our list.

1. Reminders

You might even have this installed already. We started our top with this app due to the fact that it can help you remember everything you need. Don’t forget about tickets, clothes, personal documents and many more. With this simple app you can now enjoy a stress-free journey. Did you guess which app we’re talking about? It’s the ‘Reminders’ app!

2. Here

Here WeGo is a free app that makes city navigation so much easier. Moreover, you can book a taxi with a single tap. Navigate with detailed routes, access turn by turn guidance and information about every way to get around. Moreover, it works offline as well – so you’re always safe! Here WeGo can be very helpful during your visit in an unknown city or country.

3. Visit A City – Offline Guides

Before you start your next city break experience and head to your destination, you can now create a full itinerary of your trip. Visit A City Offline Guides provides you information about the city of your choice. Have access to over 1000 travel guides and itineraries created by experts and enjoy a well planned journey.


Available in more than 700 cities in the world, the UBER app assures you a way to your destination. Open the app and enter where you want to go, a nearby driver will help you get there reliably.


Enjoy VSCO’s creative and easy to use editing resources and make most of your vacation pictures. Keep these memories alive but also make them aesthetically pleasant. Reinvent your way of travelling and bring travelling vibes to your Instagram feed.

6. Duolingo

We suggest you that before you head to a new country, you should at least try to get to know their language a bit. After all, in a non-English speaking place, understanding some phrases and words could be really helpful.

7. TripIt

If you plan on going into a journey that includes more than a flight and a hotel reservation, TripIt should help you lot. You can now let TripIt access your mail box and it will create a simple itinerary for you that includes maps.

8. AroundMe

AroundMe is an amazing travel app that identifies where you are and lists the nearest bank, theatre, supermarket, restaurant and even taxi. Never get lost and find places ten times faster that before.

9. WeatherPRO

WeatherPO is an extremely detailed weather app. You can now easily check the sky weather, if the weather is appropriate for the beach and so many ore places. Predict bad weather and be prepared, do not let it ruin your journey.

10. Zoom

If you ever miss your family or friends during a holiday, your problem is now solved. Install Zoom and video chat with your close ones no matter how far they are.

All things considered, we must admit that it is a bless to have this many apps to help us with our journeys. Take advantage of these great travel apps and enjoy a stress-free holiday. Reinvent your next getaway with us!

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